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Autonomous Driving needs Intelligent Steering

ASS takes motorcycle design to a new level combining the Compact Steering System with the Compact Homokinetic System. ASS makes it possible to combine  1 or 2-wheel steering with 1 or 2-wheel drive with as an additional option the electronically controlled adjustment of the frame geometry.


The Advanced Steering System ASS offers a wide range of steering and drive options to the motorcyclist by giving him/her the possibility to opt for 1 or 2-wheel steering combined with 1 or 2-wheel drive.


In addition, ASS offers the rider the possibility to adjust steering angle, rake, trail, centre of gravity and/or wheelbase and as such strongly promotes the ideal Rider-Machine Relationship.

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ASS combines the Compact Steering System with the Compact Homokinetic System:


  • The Compact Steering System distinguishes itself from existing steering devices through its extremely compact build using an actuator in the inner wheel, directing the wheel(s) of the motorcycle in a simple, safe, independent, precise and reliable manner.


  • The Compact Homokinetic System allows to transmit power through a variable angle and as such ensures that the angular speed of the input shaft driven by chain, belt or cardan and the carrier connected to the wheel, are equal at any time, making combined steering and drive possible.


ASS main characteristics are:


  • compact steering system using an actuator inside the wheel hub

  • combined steer and drive by use of the compact homokinetic system

  • robust, compact, light, simple and reliable

  • no linkage rods, levers and pivots between wheels and steer

  • optimal use of space, weight and energy

  • offering great freedom when designing the motorcycle

  • allowing electronically controlled adjustment of steering geometry

  • ready for automated / self-steering motorcycles

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